This Emoji Chat Poem was inspired by & bases upon quotes of
Xu Bing,
who created the first ~icon-only book that is not a derivate,
"Book from the Ground".


Xu Bing's Emoji Chat

This book of mine that
anyone can read _ My icons _
feel out _ Are you thoroughly
entangled in modern life?

Icons from across the globe
are symbols of expression _
I began to organize _ What
we employ does narrate.

The poem above bases upon these quotes of Xu Bing:

1) "(...) I have created Book from the Ground, a book that anyone can read." - Xu Bing.

2) "Regardless of cultural background, one should be able understand the text as long as one is thoroughly entangled in modern life..." - Xu Bing, introduction on Book from the Ground.

3) "I began to collect and organize logos, icons, and insignia from across the globe, and (...) to research the symbols of expression employed (...)" - Xu Bing.
Source: Regarding “Book from the Ground” by Xu Bing (2006/2012).

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