The Van Gogh Effect

emoji, yellow background, green A emoji, beige background, beige-brown I
cannot embody contradiction
and will always be a liar
emoji, yellow background, brown A emoji, grey background, dark-grey I
you'll never speak to us
because you know what you are doing

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#Giigle (X?+1) | Emoji Poetry Monkey

Giigle's & Digital's "AI Project Problem" 2

Emoji Poetry Monkey Screenshot

Image: Emoji Poetry Monkey - Monkey Result

Testy Giigle and Digital
defended their take on AI:
"Why not define IT independent-
ly as art intelligence!

When art is instinct of selection,
what does artificial mean? Limited
choice and scripted filters - Reality!
Designing choices is AI's main theme."

Emoji Poetry Monkey Screenshot 2

Image: Emoji Poetry Monkey - Art Piece

- "You haven't thought this through it appears.
Hereby you fail!," their teacher exclaimed.

Emoji Poetry Monkey Screenshot 3

Image above - Source of "The rain is blowing through the sea/": quote of AI Xiaoice


(XX?) Giigle's and Digital's 'Ode to Tears-of-Joy'