Schiller's Skull

Schiller's - simply pick one!
It doesn't really matter
whether we show off the real one
or not.
His are what we value,
no DNA test neccessary
for disenchanting the curtain
... at Goethe's and Schiller's :
Over there? That is deco,
- once refered to as Schiller -
so we won't it away
- not again.

German(y_s) For Fun

Giigle's and Digital's 'Ode to Tears-of-Joy'

Ode to Tears-of-Joy
Tears-of-joy I heart U 'EVA
We believe in unity
Let's pretend to like each other
Europe's anthem German style
Paragraphs and peace 4 culture
1 4 all thumb-up or die
Nations are a passed down evil
Not sufficient global-wide
Music for these lyrics:
European Anthem 'Ode to Joy'

(Last-2) Emoji Poem Giigle defending her approach on Art