The Pumpkin And The Dogs

Listen to me, the repeated
Your is in danger,
Tonight I will tell you a secret:
Yes, there are creatures of the dark.
They torture, they murder, they
while others
They slaughter. Try to picture it when
there is no such thing as a soul.
Fear feds them, be
Try to spot them. Rip out their
Don't be fooled by their silence!
Protect yourself and the ones you
Not unrelated to this is that inside.
We both know he wouldn't survive wilderness...
He's an unnatural burden once they will attack
on us - which is only a question of
So sacrifice your this one time, proove
your loyalty to me, to our cause. There
cannot be wrong-doing in self-defence -
Get rid of him - and then come
Oh , you are back! There
is someone at the gate! Wait
upstairs, I will call you
- if neccessary.
You are late, , now let me
finally fullfill our pact! Your
prey is prepared, it is fearfully
hiding upstairs.
You are, without , the er one,
but he is avoiding direct confrontation!
Set the house on It is your right now. And
once he comes down, you can life out your aggression!
Don't be scared!
Shut the
Otherwise he could flee...
But - believe me - once you will have succeeded
I will help you out.
Listen to me, the repeated
The one's I've warned have
Yes, there are never-ending stories
This house, it is mine.

Emoji Poetry I