Pink Pile of Poo

pink pile of poo
person bowing deeply
face with look of triumph
pink squared golden up with exclamation mark

The emoji names used within this emoji poem (2016) were taken from the EmojiOne website and might have changed by now.

Overview: IT-Inspired Emoji Poetry

#Giigle - (Last-1)

Emoji Poem Giigle pressured by Poem regarding her attitude towards Art

"Enough is enough!" Poem was furious.
"That is not how we've brought you up!
If substance doesn't matter, it simply isn't Art!
Don't blame the world. Our way has been rougher!

The highest artists - from our perspective -
have not been recognised when alive.
Technology provides you everything
- perhaps the time isn't right.

Or your art is pressured by you
daydreaming about your success!
If you would have a real message to send out,
this would be the perfect time.

It has never been easier for an artist
not to be mainstream and to survive.
Pull yourself together and focus on art itself.
- Emoji! Why are you so quiet? Take a stand!"

#Giigle - To be continued __ Emoji-Poem-Pressure