fishing pole and fish
performing arts
busts in silhouette
leaf fluttering in wind
fog snowmen without snow

The emoji names used within this emoji poem were taken from the EmojiOne website and might have changed by now.

(Last-2) Emoji Poem Giigle defending her approach on Art

"I am heading for the quick success
- but ask yourself why I do it!
Attention, recognition and online presence
are the filters for what can be seen.

Hastag poem, hastag emoji,
likes, retweets and highly ranked links...
The best ranked ones are the only ones to be seen
so attention grabbing for artists is key!

Or do you think I could have a single message
people do not like to hear?
I'm the most pervert mirror imaginable
- I have to look out for my viewer!

(Last-1) Emoji Poem Giigle pressured by Poem regarding her attitude towards Art