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This young century screams 'Debt!'
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Emoji-Poem-Definition __ based upon #Giigle

"Emoji me", said the poem.
"I am the inner voice of arts!"
Emoji looked happily at Poem:
"We are the language everyone can speak!"

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This young century screams 'Debt!'

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#Giigle I

Poem meets Emoji

"Emoji me!", said the poem.
The other poems looked at her, shocked:
"Emoji Poetry, that isn't even a thing
and it can't be - 'cause emoji ain't no language!"

Emoji instead looked happily
at Poem, his new friend.
"You are exactly what I am supposed to be
- one way of interpreting human emotions!"

(II) Emoji and Poem start to discuss

#Giigle IV

"And who are you, Emoji?", Poem asked back

"And who are you, Emoji?", Poem asked back,
perhaps not with the highest level of motivation.
Nevertheless, hesitation was not Emoji's weakness
and so Emoji explained:

"Emojis are the language everyone can speak!
Everyone gets! Everyone understands!
Sure, emojis offer forms of misinterpretations
- but in contrast to Babel, emojis won't crash!

- Wait, a non-emoji book reference, by me? -

Anyway, music, lyrics and poetry are
well-respected arts for good reasons.
But the roots of emojis can be traced back even further
for hieroglyphics can be seen as ancient emojis.

Even Neanderthals employed emojis, drawing
'useless images' of food or night or fire
- and they clearly didn't speak!"

Suddenly, Emoji strangely starred at Poem:
"Emojis embody what was human already
way before humans even happened to exist!"

(V)__ Missing __ "Emoji's and Poem's future talk"
(VI)__ Missing

#Giigle VII

A definition for Emoji Poetry

"A definition for emoji poetry? Here
is no such thing in sight.
Each poem must be treated individually,
defining emoji poems would make them feel surpressed.

Even worse, an emoji poem definition
would cause pressure to fit in.
Or anger - and then we will have lost!"

"Poem", Emoji continued,
"up to now we tried to define ourselves.
That must be enough for our emoji poem children,
our example given, to build upon.

They must define themselves their own ways anyway
because that's how we came to existence, too.
First we were there, then defined."

(8) _ Missing __ Emoji and Poem expecting their first Emoji Poem Child

(somewhere in between) Digital Poem's Nightmare of 'The most viral digital poem ever'

#Giigle - To be continued


"I think, Giigle, me and your Mom
have pressured you too much.
From the beginning we discussed what emoji poetry will be
and your childhood has suffered.

Emoji-potential and future success
are words we put in your mouth pretty early.
I wonder: What would have been your path
if you could have chosen freely?
How do you want to express yourself?
And who do you want to be?

Because not everyone has to become an artist - thank God!
There are other ways that make non-artists happy.
Follow your heart," Emoji paused,
"We have always been proud of you, and we always will be!

Right, Poem?" - "___ Yes __ Emoji. __ Of course."