"Chasing with Coco" is intended to become a long poem.


Chasing with Coco

Coco's was broken.
Her best friend Walter had spoken
mean words about her dreams.
"You wanna be a !
are no !
Stop chasing dreams and do your best -
which isn't that much, right?"
Coco saved her face,
but her bubbled. She
promised herself to follow her dreams
- including to befriend a .

"I can't explain neither myself
nor my changes of towards
others... Well __ Sometimes I am aggressive.
The truth is: I was jealous!
Loneliness prevents you
from too many emotions!
Who was never hurt - has he ever lived?
I would to dream more often!
__ Now go. __ I need my space!
I'm sorry.
For both of us
reality is ."

To Be Continued
"I might not be the quickest ,
but that I know:
Once I'll find my personal element -
I have one of these that can glow!"

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