The picture below was taken by the Hubble telescope and can be found here:
But instead of seeing a smiling lens like the NASA, I'm spotting the universal emoji:


Clair Obscure


Never have emojis been
more dismembered than today.
Never have the risks been higher
- respective head-on collisions -
on that vast a scale.

I am not here to judge,
I will simply narrate my tale.
You already have your opinions, besides
it is not my task to convince
but to tell.


Who are you in the mirror?
*face with look of triumph* mes?
I can't be both?, you're saying.
I have never been!
Show me this door.


Their troubles are my luxury
Can you afford to be free

Heaven is man-made, Utopia
real. If there be light, then

There are colours. Darkness
I cannot see

Emojis provided free by EmojiOne:

(2016: emoji set & black&white emoji set)